This is an excellent video from the guys over at Ted-Ed about what makes our tattoos so permanent.  We often get asked about alternative methods of removing tattoos and sadly laser is the least invasive and the most effective.  Watch this video and below are some other so called tattoo removal methods.

Other Tattoo Removal Possibilities

  • Creams / Home Remedies
    • Like the video mentioned, the ink lies under the epidermis and therefore rubbing the ink out isn’t a possibility. Typically you run a high risk of causing damage to the epidermis which will likely least minor to major scaring.
  • Hypertonic Saline Tattoo Removal
    • In this method you use a coil machine (tattoo machine) to inject saline solution below the epidermis and the ink in your tattoo.  The saline solution is rejected by the body and pull a little bit of ink to the surface. This method and be performed by anyone and doesn’t require any medical knowledge.
  • Acids
    • There are unfortunately some acid mixtures that we’ve seen people try in the past. If there are effective, there typically will leave by chemical burns and nasty scars.