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Our laser tattoo removal clinic in Bradenton offers professional, high-quality laser tattoo removal sessions using the latest technology.

High-quality laser tattoo removal in Bradenton, near Sarasota, is available at EradiTatt. Removing that unwanted ink will be easier with our state-of-the-art laser technology.

Our Bradenton team is available at 5219 State Road 64 East, Bradenton, FL 34208. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, from the initial meeting to evaluate your tattoo tol your last session.

We rely on the latest PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal System and have well-trained staff with the expertise and the knowledge to answer your questions or concerns.

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Who Removes My Tattoo?

Nuria ” Lisa” Hahn, MSN, ARNP

Lisa brings to EradiTatt more than 25 years of clinical experience as a board certified advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) in the fields of critical care, clinical research, vascular surgery, otolaryngology, pulmonology, wound care, dermatology and cosmetic skin lasers. Lisa earned her graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and has held positions as Clinical Instructor and Lecturer at both the University of Pennsylvania and the University of South Florida. Licensed in Florida, she is a member of the American Nurses Association, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing, and the Dermatology Nurses Association. As a native of Spain, Lisa is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Your Medical Director

Inda Mowett, MD

Dr. Inda Mowett is a family physician with more than 25 years experience and special training in medical aesthetics, non-surgical weight loss, natural hormone balancing and preventive medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Two main factors that influence the cost of laser tattoo removal. The first is the size of the tattoo and the second is the number of laser sessions required to remove it. Results vary by person, so an initial consultation is extremely important to go over that topic and determine a timeline.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Most patients say the pain of laser tattoo removal is similar to getting a tattoo. Some describe it as feeling like rubber bands snapping against the skin. There are ways to manage the pain, which we discuss in detail during your consultation.

Will my old tattoo leave a scar?

The risk of scarring is very low these days because laser technology has advanced a long way, but some risks exist with any tattoo removal process. We will discuss your individual risk factors for laser removal during your consultation.

Why Choose Us for Laser Tattoo Removal in Bradenton?

EradiTatt Tattoo Removal of Bradenton/Sarasota uses the latest equipment, has a well-trained staff, and has high standards for your results.

About Our PiQo4 Laser Tattoo Removal System

The powerful PiQo4 is the most advanced and versatile laser tattoo removal system available.

The PiQo4 uses a variation of four pulse widths in both picosecond and nanosecond modes, along with the ability to treat a variety of colors of tattoos with four different wavelengths (colors of light). This technology is synonymous with versatility, speed and efficacy.

Our Knowledgeable Staff in Bradenton

Get your questions answered by experienced tattoo removal specialists.

Successful tattoo removal laser sessions depend on two factors: 1) knowledgeable technicians and 2) the right technology. At our Bradenton location, we have both. When done by experts, laser tattoo removal can give you the results you are looking for. Whether you want to lighten a faded tattoo for a better cover up or permanently erase unwanted ink, we can help you achieve your goals for tattoo removal.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Before you choose to have laser tattoo removal done, you might want to know how it works. Lasers fragment the tattoo’s ink pigment to the extent that it can be shed by a human’s natural skin growth and healing processes. This requires a high-powered laser since the ink sits deep in the dermis; conventional medical lasers aren’t strong enough. Additionally, the droplets of pigment are far too large to be broken down chemically.

The most common type of high-powered tattoo laser system used today is the Q-switched variety. These lasers differ from standard ones in two ways. First, they produce pulses of laser light rather than a continuous beam and, second, these pulses have an extremely high peak power (in the gigawatt range). When used on a person’s skin, the laser pulse can “flash” the tattoo ink, in a highly controlled fashion, over a short time. The ink fragments instantly, causing minimal temporary scarring to the skin.

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