Laser Tattoo Removal Costs

Our pricing is easy and fair to figure out. There is no hidden costs or surprise fees along the way.

We remove nearly all colors, sizes and locations of tattoos.

Tattoo removal is different for every individual and every tattoo however most of our clients fall can remove their tattoos between 5-8 sessions. Amateur and tattoos older than 10 years do come off faster but there are still numerous variables that will ultimately dictate the number of sessions. These and other variables can make it difficult to estimate the number of removals required without first seeing the tattoo. During your free consultation, you’ll be able to meet our staff, and determine the amount of sessions needed to remove your unwanted tattoo. After learning the total cost of your tattoo removal, you’ll be able to purchase a package of sessions to remove your tattoo. You may also choose to take it one appointment at a time and pay as you go. Review our pricing options below and compare the size of your tattoo to the common items listed at each price point. If you’re having trouble determining size, you can view our example tattoo sizes below, or contact us with any questions you have.

Size One Session Package of 4
20% off


Smaller Than A Quarter




Smaller Than A Credit Card




Smaller Than A Dollar Bill




Smaller Than A CD




DVD Case




Smaller Than A Piece of Paper



Example Tattoo Sizes

Below are examples of differently sized tattoos according to our price chart.

Our Tampa Bay Area tattoo removal consults are always free if you have any questions regarding size.

Examples of what are considered extra small tattoos

Examples of what are considered small tattoos

Examples of what are considered medium tattoos

Examples of what are considered large tattoos