man getting a tattoo
Getting your first tattoo can seem like a daunting experience because there is a lot to think about. You should feel confident in your decision and know what to expect before visiting the shop. Here are the 6 things you should keep in mind before getting a tattoo to ensure it comes out right the first time!

Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap

You may have heard the phrase, “Good tattoos aren’t cheap.”, and that’s the truth! A tattoo is something you intend to have on your body for a lifetime, so spending a little extra money on a quality product is important. Every artist is different and so is every design, and pricing can vary on a variety of factors including the artist’s tenure, size, and color. As a rule of thumb, never trust a friend with a tattoo kit who offers you a $20 tattoo.

Proofread Your Tattoo Design

You’ve probably seen the famous “no regerts” tattoo on the internet, a tragic mistake that came from a spelling error. At EradiTatt, we see no shortage of misspelled tattoos come through or doors. When your artist shows you the design, be sure to proofread any words for spelling errors, and never be afraid to speak up if you find one.

It’s Going to Hurt

Tattoos hurt, and some spots are more painful than others. Places on the body that are fleshier tend to hurt less, while boney spots like the top of the foot tend to be more painful. Most people describe the sensation as a slight stinging or burning pain coupled with annoying vibrations.

Tattoos Take Time to Heal

Getting a tattoo means giving your body some extra TLC for a few weeks after. It can take up to 30 days for a tattoo to completely heal and acclimate to your skin.

Week One:

For the first week, you can expect the tattoo to be red, swollen and even a little oozy.

Week Two:

During the next week, your tattoo will likely start to scab over and peel. Don’t be concerned if the area is flaky and itchy – it’s totally normal!

Weeks Three & Four:

After the second week, your tattoo may look fully healed with the exception of some cloudiness in the color.  This is because layers of skin deep under the surface are still repairing themselves.

Always remember that during the entire healing process it’s important to stay out of the sun. If your tattoo artists don’t provide you with aftercare tips, don’t be afraid to ask for them because a properly healed tattoo will appear brighter.

Check the Tattoo Policy in your Workplace

Every industry is different,  so before investing in a tattoo, check with your employer on what their current tattoo policy is. Yes, you have every right to get a tattoo if you want, but keep in mind that there are rules in the workplace that you need to follow. Some might allow you to show them without restrictions, but others might require covering them using long sleeves. If the latter is the case, be sure to consider if this is something you are willing to do every day.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Permanent

If your tattoo doesn’t end up exactly how you want it, or if you grow out of the design a few years down the road – that’s okay. Having something on your body forever can seem like a huge commitment, but with new technology, you don’t have to be that way. While meant to be on our bodies forever, tattoos can easily be removed using the latest laser technology.

We at EradiTatt hope your new tattoo turns out just as you pictured in your mind. For those times where things don’t go as planned, our tattoo removal experts are here to help.

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