Details on the Power of our Laser

Our laser uses a large spot and a flat top beam to deliver energy deeper into the skin with much less damage to the surface of the skin. Deeper penetration means a higher fluence at the target and a lower fluence at the surface. Skin damage at the surface is reduced while the higher fluence at the target promotes better efficacy. It is the most powerful Q-Switched Nd:YAG on the market today. The extra energy speeds the treatment. When working with the 532 Handpiece an unprecedented 900 mJ of 532 nm energy is produced. More energy with a bigger spot, equals better penetration, faster treatments and better efficacy.

Proprietary Laser Beam Technology Produces the Best Beam Profile

Laser Tattoo Removal BeamThe picture above is an example of a typical NaturaLase QS system test measurement. Note the peak to average ratio in this laser pulse is 1.333. In other lasers this ratio runs from 2.0 to more than 3.0. What this means it is delivers an even treatment which reduces skin imperfections.

4 Powerful Laser Wavelengths

  • 2000 millijoules of 1064 nm – Invisible IR radiation – Ideal for black and dark blue ink
  • 1000 millijoules of 532 nm – Green light for red ink tattoos
  • 500 millijoules of 585 nm – Yellow light for blue ink and other color tattoos
  • 400 millijoules of 650 nm – Red light for green ink and other colors

More Energy from the Laser Allows for a Bigger Spot

  • Bigger spot means deeper penetration
  • Deeper penetration means lower intensity
  • Lowering intensity reduces complications > Less skin damage > Less scarring > Less hypo and hyper pigmentation

Deeper penetration at lower fluence

  • Penetration to the depth of the pigment
  • Depends on spot size and fluence
  • Flat top beam improves results
  • Lower intensity at the surface reduces complications

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