Tattoos That Don’t Spell Success

There you are, sitting in the chair of the tattoo parlor. After spending over an hour twisted in an awkward position with a tattoo artist sticking into your skin, you breathe a sigh of relief when he says, “We’re almost finished.” You have waited days, weeks, maybe years, for this moment: your first tattoo. Not just any regular tattoo, but one that tells the world, “This is who I am.”

As your artists wipes away the finishing touches of his new masterpiece you a ready to tell the world that you have ‘No Regerts!’ in this lifetime. Wait! ‘No Regerts?!?!?!’

no regerts tattoo misspelled on arm

(Photo credit:

Sometimes, our dream tattoos don’t always come out the way we planned, and there’s nothing more terrifying than thinking you might be stuck with a tattoo mistake for life.

Here are just a few examples of those that may have regerts regrets about their tattoos.

misspelled forearm tattoo to be removed

We see what you’re saying, but spelling ‘knowledge’ correctly would’ve been a good start. (photo credit: Dose of Funny)

bad tattoo on bicep

Is it supposed to be, ‘never give up?’Don’t give up?’ ‘Give up?’ We’re so confused that we give up. (Photo credit:

tattoo misspellings on arm

…unless your past acknowledges correct spelling. In that case, the past should have made the decision for that day. (Photo credit:

The reality is, no one is perfect – we all make mistakes. And, while they put erasers on pencils, a tattoo, is not such a quick fix; there is no other side to that tattoo gun.

Thankfully, you don’t have to let the burden of a misspelled tattoo or tattoo mistake bring you down. Your tattoo is an extension of who you are and is a message you want to show the world. Let Eraditatt help you correct those mistakes. Our tattoo removal process can assist in fading a piece of your tattoo, so that you can get it corrected, or even remove the tattoo all together to give you a clean slate. With the PiQo4 laser, you won’t be waiting long to get the right tattoo message out to the world. (But if you opt for the first option, we suggest getting a different tattoo artist).

Contact Eraditatt today for your free consultation with us today so we can get you started on removing those mistakes. We have 4 locations including Tampa, Orlando, Palm Harbor, and Bradenton/Sarasota.

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