Bride in a dress raising her arm showing her tattoo.

Engagement season extends from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, but all year round happy couples are popping the question: “will you marry me?” If you’ve recently said yes, there are so many details to consider! You’re working hard researching venues for the reception, picking out invitations, cake tasting, discussing floral arrangements, and choosing the perfect wedding look.

Something that you might regret saying “yes” to is that old tattoo—you know the one, which depending on placement and content might be a stain on your otherwise pristine big day. It might be ex’s name written in black ink across your shoulder blades, or a faded, lumpy sleeve, or a stick-and-poke mistake from an era before you met your soulmate.

Laser tattoo removal for brides and grooms is very common. While it might seem like one more thing on the wedding “to-do” list, many lovebirds don’t do the research necessary to ensure successful tattoo removal in time for your big day.

As wedding season approaches, we at EradiTatt have created a guide with some tips on laser tattoo removal to help you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Laser Tattoo Removal Takes Time

Any tattoo removal procedure takes time, and laser tattoo removal is not an overnight fix. While it’s by far the least invasive and most complete way to remove unwanted ink, the laser tattoo removal process takes multiple sessions depending on the size, age, location, and color of the tattoo. At EradiTatt, we discuss your concerns, answer your questions and plan your tattoo removal sessions leading up to your wedding day. We know this time can be overwhelming, so we also offer free consultations over the phone.

If you decide you want to undergo laser tattoo removal prior to your wedding day, allow to six to 12 months for complete removal. Considering most couples in the US are engaged for 12 – 18 months before their wedding date, the wedding planning process and the tattoo removal process will likely take the same amount of time, especially when you account for adequate healing time between sessions.

As the PiQ04 laser breaks down particles of tattoo pigment for the body to process, the ink will fade more and more over time. For this reason, sessions at EradiTatt are usually scheduled six to eight weeks apart. If you have a single color, or black tattoo, you may see faster results in fewer sessions, than those with a multi-colored tattoo, but on your big day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

That said, you’ll never spend more than half an hour in an Eraditatt office for a laser tattoo removal session, so it is quick and easy to add session appointments between other wedding errands, like visits to the florist and cake tasting appointments! Consistently coming in for sessions is the most important way to ensure maximum removal of your unwanted tattoo.

Some is Better Than None

If you plan to have a shorter engagement and your date is set, don’t fret. A little laser tattoo removal is better than none! Come in for a free consultation and we’ll book your first few sessions right away. While your tattoo may not be completely removed on your wedding day, ink that has already begun to fade and break down is much easier to conceal with makeup than full ink. You can work with your makeup artist to airbrush over a faded tattoo, and alert your photographer of anything you want to be eliminated from your photos in the retouching process. You can continue coming in for your final sessions after the honeymoon ends to keep that old ink out of your happily ever after.