man researching laser tattoo removal side effectsLaser tattoo removal is the latest procedure available to get rid of that unwanted ink you hate so much. Although technology has improved the procedure, you might feel concerned about its potential side effects. If laser tattoo removal is a next step for you, it’s important that you understand some of the side effects you may experience:

Skin Discoloration

Don’t panic! This sounds frightening, but don’t worry – it’s completely normal. This can take form in either slight darkening or lightening of your skin’s surface, depending on your complexion. Throughout the procedure, you might see the area being worked on change color, but you can expect to see the skin go back to normal a few months after the procedure.


Experiencing itchiness is more common than you think. Although the itching can be uncomfortable, it typically only lasts for 3-5 days after treatment. Avoid itching or applying unsafe lotions to the area, as this can affect the healing process. Always talk to your tattoo removal expert about the any over the counter solutions you are allowed to use on the area.


If the laser removal procedure is done the right way and the proper post care is followed, it’s unlikely that scarring will occur.  However, every skin type is different and for those with a history of scarring and keloids, scarring can happen. Be sure to disclose any history of scarring with your laser removal expert, so they can provide you the best solution. For anyone receiving a tattoo removal treatment, avoiding direct contact with the sun is essential to prevent unnecessary scarring.


Remember the discomfort you experienced while getting your tattoo? Laser tattoo removal is no different. While getting it removed you might experience some soreness depending on the area. Some areas are more sensitive than others (like feet, face, fingers, etc.). Just keep in mind that this is normal and will get more manageable as you attend your sessions.


During the removal process, scabbing or blisters may occur. You might be tempted to pick at the scabs or pop the blisters, but don’t do it. Just like when you got your tattoo, picking or popping your skin can lead to scarring and discoloration of the skin.

Like any other skin or medical procedure, experiencing side effects when undergoing laser tattoo removal is normal. The good news is that there are steps you can take to make the most out of each session and to make the process smoother.

Making sure you choose an expert to do the job is the first step to ensure you will achieve the results you desire. At EradiTatt, we use the best technology available in the market. Our sessions are performed using the PiQo4 laser tattoo removal system, a sophisticated technology that helps make the process easier and efficient. With five convenient locations in Florida, our team of experts is ready to help you get rid of that regretful ink.

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