hide tattoo with military uniform

Not long ago, tattoos carried a few heavy stigmas. Not only were they perceived as unprofessional, but they were also associated with delinquency and criminal activity.

Although times are changing, there are still many reasons that tattoos are less than desirable by some individuals. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, laser tattoo removal is the solution to erase tattoos on your skin. Everyone has their own reasons, but we have made a list of the top 3 that customers cite when they come into one of our 4 west and central Florida laser tattoo removal locations.

1. Laser Tattoo Removal for Professional Purposes

Entering the workforce or changing a career path, is daunting enough without having to worry about how employers, coworkers, or customers and clients might perceive you. There are many lines of work in which they do not permit visible tattoos. Certain branches of the military, law enforcement, legal, and medical professions, just to name a few. Have arm, leg, neck, or hand tattoos? They simply don’t allow it.

Many EradiTatt clients schedule laser tattoo removal sessions before they enter the workforce. This ensures placement in these fields, without the worry of being reprimanded or not even considered for positions.

2. Laser Tattoo Removal for Personal Reasons

3 in every 10 adults has a tattoo right now, but a whopping 25% of them regret the decision. Either acting on impulse or the desire to be ‘on-trend,’ these tattoos are usually acquired without the proper thought. As people grow and their tastes change, this art doesn’t change with them. Many of EradiTatt’s clients fall into this category and visit us to remove a tattoo that “just isn’t them.”

Living in the state of Florida, where it is beach season year-round, exposing an undesired tattoo can leave some embarrassment. Some even have the desire to cover up totally. Luckily, tattoos are not the permeant choice that we once thought they were. As we like to say, “#wecanhelpwithtatt.”

3. Laser Tattoo Removal due to Poor Workmanship

Often times, those that come in to have their tattoos removed with our PiQo4 laser, are big fans of body art. These customers come in with a number of tattoos in a variety of places and only need a small or older piece of ink removed.

Many times, the smaller piece is from a long time ago, before they found their own style and tattoo artists they enjoy and appreciate. This ink needs to be cleared out to make room for a new tattoo.
Another common reason for removal is when the tattoo is old and outdated, with lines that have been smudged or faded. Better ink, needles, and techniques have been developed over the years to improve the quality and longevity of tattoo art. For that reason, many tattoo veterans are clearing out the old work with laser tattoo removal in favor of more vibrant and classic tattoos.

No matter your reason, EradiTatt can help remove any of your tattoos. Simply send us a photo of the tattoo, or come in for a free consultation, and we can start the process of getting your skin clear!