When it Comes to Laser Tattoo Removal, Honesty is The Best Policy

At EradiTatt Laser Tattoo Removal, we take pride in our state of the art laser, clean and easily accessible facilities, and our brutal honesty. We want our clients to know that they can trust us and that we do have their best interests in mind.

We have seen several shops over the years make promises and assurances that they have no hope of keeping, usually resulting in disgruntled clients, sub-par tattoo removal, scarring, and a general waste of time and money.

For these reasons, we wanted to demystify the three biggest myths regarding tattoo removal and give you the God’s honest truth. Like it or not.

1. Yes, Laser Tattoo Removal Hurts

We don’t want to sugarcoat it: laser tattoo removal is painful. Our laser, the PiQo4, is the most advanced laser on the market. What makes it that way? It has four wavelengths, along with 4 pulse durations (two picosecond modes, and the largest spot size in the industry; the laser covers a much larger surface area than its laser counterparts. This means several things…first, it means less risk of scarring, because of how much more efficiently the laser breaks up ink and less damage to the surrounding skin. Second, you will need fewer sessions because of the speed of the laser pulses breaks the ink particles into smaller pieces so they are more easily taken away by the white blood cells. Third, because more ink is being broken up at once while less trauma to the tissue, most feel the pain may be slightly greater during treatments with our laser, but much less afterward. Simply…expect better results and better skin when treatments are complete!

The good news is that the treatments usually only last anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, we use a cooling stream of air to cool the skin during the procedure to reduce the sting, and, with this new laser, you’ll be done with tattoo removal in fewer sessions than at any other laser tattoo removal location.
We also promise to hold your hand…or you can bring a friend.
(But really – our hands are used to the death grip)

2. Not Every Tattoo Can Be Completely Removed with a Laser

While we have come leaps and bounds with laser technology as far as the size, and type of tattoos that can be removed, there is always a chance that pieces of your tattoo will linger.

The PiQo4 laser might be the most advanced laser on the market, but the technology to remove every tattoo has yet to be invented. Black ink is the most easily removed color and chances of full removal are greatest on black ink tattoos, but lasers haven’t yet found a way to always completely remove all colors and mixture of colors of ink.

At EradiTatt, we will give you the most effective treatment possible but will take care to not push your skin too far. We can hit these unique colors several times with different laser wavelengths to fade them, but being too aggressive and persistent in trying to remove them can cause scarring and skin irregularities. What we’re saying is…while that green dolphin on your ankle that you got on Spring Break ’98 will most likely go extinct, he might be swimming around a bit longer than you hoped.

It is also important to note that your skin type can affect the degree to which your tattoo can be removed. Tattoos on very fair skin can be removed quickly and with fewer sessions than those tattoos that are on suntanned (you can thank Spring Break again) or darker pigmented skin. On skin with a deep complexion, the risk of hypopigmentation (lightening of your skin) goes up, as does the number of sessions to completely remove the tattoo. And speaking of the number of sessions….

3. Laser Tattoo Removal is a Pay to Play Environment

Laser tattoo removal is not a one stop shop. It’s more like a: one stop month or two over the course of many months, shop. Depending on the size, location, skin type, and colors of the tattoo, you could need several return visits to see complete results…and that means a significant financial investment. While it is true that you can see fading sooner, complete tattoo removal is not a quick process – we’re going to get to know each other quite well.

At EradiTatt, we can price out your tattoo removal during your FREE consultation with us. You can also see a breakdown in pricing with our pricing sheet or give us a call for an estimate, but please remember that these prices are subject to change once we evaluate the tattoo in person.

If you have any questions (easy, tough, or just plain embarrassing) please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be open, honest, fun, and above all, helpful. Thank you for considering EradiTatt Laser Tattoo Removal for your skin manipulating needs!